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We are under Construction and rebranding from Be9Sigma into NAMS.

What is North America Manufacturing Solutions?

We are specialists in New Product Design with a pipeline into manufacturing.

Our scientific approach ensures that your product design is robust and ready for mass production, and our business network will connect you to trustworthy manufacturers. We bring over 40 years of experience in high technology manufacturing so that our clients avoid costly mistakes and get their products to market sooner.


NAMS is known for being comprehensive in analyzing business models without compromising our clients’ creative process. We collaborate with clients to build product evolution roadmaps, deep with technical insight, to leverage into the business model to drive highly profitable growth.

Taking control of your product development,  with proven scientific methodologies will not only assure critical quality control but achieve better bottom-line results with careful resource management, reduction of inventory, predictable output, and reduction of defects.

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